Sometimes I wonder, “Why did I ever give up my aspirations to be a cartoonist? Then I come across something like this:


And I realize I simply lack the imagination to visually depict the sensation of having your words drowned by loud audio so effectively. I had the strangest sensation when I read these panels; I almost physically felt the music and the frustration of trying to shout to be heard in the midst of a loud party. That’s powerful. I mean, I’m happy about the way the cover of the Castlevania book turned out, but it doesn’t compare to something like this.

Anyway, I started reading the comic this is from — Opplopolis — this evening, and I really like it. I’m only a chapter in so I have no idea where the story’s going, but it’s full of interesting concepts. I hope they all go somewhere and weren’t simply included as a mishmash of randomness. I haven’t had time to read something for fun in ages; I’d hate for this endeavor to turn out to be a bust.

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