I sent this off to proof today

The Anatomy of Castlevania Cover PB test.indd

Obviously, it’s not done, but the text inside is, and that’s what I really need to proof.

I think I need to do quite a bit of refining on this image. It started out serious, with Simon and Sypha looking dramatic in front of the castle. Then I doodled in Grant pulling himself up over a cliff edge with a dagger in his mouth, which was a little less serious. Then I decided Alucard’s bat form differentiates itself from Dracula’s by wearing a little tuxedo front and bow tie. Once the Fish Man and the labels showed up, the tone of the piece had changed dramatically.

Anyway, I have to make this cover awesome, because Bill Mudron has contributed an image to the back cover, and that’s a tough standard to live up to.

Whatever happens, I’m keeping the GameSpite logo as it is here.

7 thoughts on “I sent this off to proof today

  1. I have all of the GameSpite Color Hardcovers and I have to say – I’ve never been more excited for one of these.

    I’ve read the contents as they were published and I’m STILL adding this to my shelf.

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