I haven’t done this in a while

And I’m not sure why. But look! Links to stuff I wrote on 1UP.

Our new editorial mandate for 2013 — something the staff arrived at mutually after considerable contemplation and debate — is to focus on experiential writing. Video games stand apart from other mediums because you take an active role in them, and that’s what we want to explore through our writing and videos. I guess I do a lot of that already, but now it’s all official and stuff.

So: Some thoughts on Etrian Odyssey IV and the series’ history; a recounting of my first six hours with the import version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf; and more of my continuing plight in Skyrim. Please read these articles! And, hopefully, enjoy them. I had a lot more fun writing these than anything I’ve put together in ages. It’s kind of liberating knowing that my habits are officially sanctioned. Just ’cause you’re the boss doesn’t mean you get to just do whatever you like, you know.

2 thoughts on “I haven’t done this in a while

  1. Not that it really matters, but I approve of the experiential article, especially when it comes to gaming. 1up is one of the few gaming sites to stray outside the norm, and I for one, applaud it. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have to say, I really, *really* love the direction with which you’re taking 1UP Jeremy – not just covering news and games, but giving topics extra time, attention and evolving beyond mere information consumption. I ended up tracking through to your piece on “Japan is whacky/perverted/misunderstood” from your Etrian Odyssey article linked to above and found it balanced and genuinely interesting (especially in part in light of finally getting to visit Japan last October after a decade and a bit pining to visit).

    Out of interest, does 1UP utilise RSS feeds? These days I use Feedler Pro on my iPad to keep up with my regular sites since it keeps track of what I have and haven’t read, and having that functionality would encourage me to check back more often on what you and your team are up to.

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