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If you were thinking about picking up any of the GameSpite books from Blurb — though hardly anyone does this day, so don’t feel like some sort of aberration if you don’t! — the 20%-off coupon code FANS still works through end of day tomorrow. I don’t know if that’s “end of day” in any particular time zone. I guess it’s like feeding a mogwai after midnight; there’s no hard rule on when you can feed them again. It’s just magic.

Even though there’s really no audience for these books anymore, I’m plugging away at the next volume anyway. I guess it’s a kind of sickness. GSJ13 really began to fall into place this weekend, which always makes me happy.

The next book attempts to take the “Anatomy of a Game” thing into print. It’ll be a fairly even mix of expanded existing content and entirely new material. It’s coming along very nicely, and I think this material works really well on the page. I guess we’ll see in December or so.

11 thoughts on “Quick reminder

  1. keep the GameSpite Journals coming! I try to purchase as many as I can, I really like the book format (even more than the website) to read all the articles. Don’t give it up!

  2. I second what chris wrote – I’ve bought all of them so far and look to keep on reading! And if you ever need a column on Toy Commander, Wings of Fury, Aquatron, or Space Quest III, let me know.

  3. Huh. Did the last book sell so few copies?

    Anyway, I’ll definitely be buying this one when it comes out. Hopefully by then Blurb’s shipping rates won’t be “costs as much as the book you’re buying”.

  4. I thoroughly enjoy the books, to the point that I purposely skip over the website articles that is in the books as I would rather read them in print. I own all the books except the latest one and am seriously thinking about going back and purchasing them in hardcover. Question: Do the hardcover books all match up size-wise (height specifically)? Or are they different like the recent paperback books vs the old ones? Thanks.

  5. Whoah! I love the journals too (I do the same thing as AJ, I skip over the website articles so I can read them in print)! I really like the trade paperback feel to them, and am exceedingly glad that I can even support this kind of journalism in print form at all. Given all the other forms we get games “journalism” through the internet and websites, I think the gamespite stuff is really important to the medium. Keep up the good work!

  6. I’ve only picked up one of the books so far but I plan to get more in the future when my finances allow it (the Gameboy one is next on my list and I’ll definitely get the Anatomy of a Game book) . You do a really great job laying out these books and the words within are a joy to read and always insightful. I have learned a *ton* from GSQ/GSJ over the years. I know it’s too early now, but I sincerely hope that you’re still putting these books together when the time for DS/PSP retrospectives rolls around.

  7. You are very kind to this old man, but I don’t see myself giving up this print venture any time soon, unless I somehow stumble into an even more amazing print venture. I need tangibility in my life.

  8. I have bought every Gamespite book so far, and will continue to buy them as long as they’re being made. They’re a little on the expensive side, but as long as you keep the nice, long gap between each, it’s not a problem to shuffle some funds around here and there to support such an excellent product.

    That said, I miss 1UP Presents.

  9. Just wanted to add another voice to the “keep the print books coming!” chorus. I’ve got about 2/3 of them, and the layouts and graphic design keep getting better – especially since I’ve been springing for the full color versions. It’s nice to have something on the nightstand that I can pick up for 5-10 minutes before bed.

  10. I too have purchased every GSQ/GSJ released. I really enjoy reading words that aren’t glowing on a computer screen. Not to mention I enjoy being able to pull something off my bookshelf (yes, I have an actual bookshelf) to read when I get the urge. Thanks Jeremy.

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