GameSpite Journal 12 sneak peek

I’m still making a few last edits to GameSpite Journal 12, but it should be up and live Monday morning. In the meantime, I’ve posted a landing page for the issue. Please have a look, read the intro, see what’s in store:

Although this book will be 120 pages long, considerably shorter than the previous console/company-specific books we’ve put together, that brevity is strictly in terms of page count. Our larger format allows us to use the page space more efficiently, and I didn’t indulge in blown-out full-page screenshots like I did for GSJ10. In terms of content volume, it’s jockeying for top honors with considerably more text than the Super NES issue and coming close to the amount of material in the NES and PlayStation volumes. There’s a lot to say about Sega!

3 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 12 sneak peek

  1. As a big Sega fan (and someone who’s been pestering you about new Sega content :P), this will be the first Gamespite I’ve bought in a long while, funds be damned.

  2. Perfect timing! I just beat Sonic Generations and was pining for some old school SEGA.

    Speaking of Generations, talk about a game with a perfect idea that completely lacked execution. SEGA just doesn’t have that same polish that Nintendo has. Never did, really.

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