Unforeseen complications

I sent GameSpite Journal 12 off for color proofing today. It ended up eating my entire weekend, though; I had the whole thing laid out and suddenly realized the page designs seemed fine in the layout app but would look terrible in print. So I redesigned all 120 pages. Tedious, but I don’t want to publish crap, you know?

I decided to try something different with the cover. Last time was painfully simple, so I decided to go painfully loud and bright this time. Something that says, “SEGA!!”

It’s not too Sega, is it?

14 thoughts on “Unforeseen complications

  1. Gamespite does what other-independent-retro-focused-video-game-print-magazines don’t?

    • Funny, because that cover sounds more like the fast shout SEGA! from the TV advertisements.

  2. That cover makes it clear who does not have

    cool stuff

  3. I like it! But I don’t know if your fanbase will agree… they’re not known for their love of all things Sega.

  4. It’s quite good, but it kinda makes it look like we’re just covering Genesis games with this one from the cover. If it were me, I’d have like a sad dejected Opa-Opa peering out of the background.

    … except the only pixel-art version I can think of for that would be bothersomely huge. Hmm.

  5. Oh no, does that mean you canned that awesome SMS-boxart design on the interior? Either way, great cover.

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