Comic-Con is strange

So there’s this:

The more I look at it, the weirder it becomes. Lucy Van Pelt as an R. Crumb-style curvy lady with a heart-shaped thong and yin-yang navel piercing…? Wearing a Snoopy-head bra? With hair made of what appear to be Spirited Away‘s dust sprites!? I’m at a loss. Yeah, Comic-Con is pretty great.

11 thoughts on “Comic-Con is strange

  1. Is that a Mickey Mouse gas mask on the left? Is it actually functional, or merely to help elite Disney stormtroopers intimidate copyright violators?

  2. I’d like to imagine that this person broke some comic law and their punishment was that their wares were melded together. That’ll show ’em!

    I’ve exhibited at (smaller) comic-cons before, the things I’ve seen…a baffling environment for sure.

    • Whoever he is, he probably hates children. Notice sickly Super-child and nightmarish Ronald McDonald clone with what might be a ball gag.

      Apparently “eight different backs form a puzzle”. Maybe I’ve seen hellraiser too many times, but I would not solve that puzzle.

  3. That Lucy kinda weirds me out, but I’m genuinely curious about what company this is that makes bewildering and horrifying Internet fanart into quality paper and plastic products, and what other oddities they’ve made.

  4. You know what’s not great about Comic Con? The fact that it’s the only place to buy Olly Moss’s Mononoke Print, besides eBay. I missed the Totoro poster by seconds and swore to myself I would not let that happen if and when Olly did Mononoke; but since it’s an SDCC exclusive, I’m going to miss it anyway.

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