The socialist network

Survival on the Internet these days means experimenting with social networks. No surprise there! So perhaps you will not be astonished when you learn that I’ve begun mucking around with Pinterest for 1UP’s sake. I don’t think I’m doing it right, exactly; I’m treating it more like a Tumblr blog of odds-n-ends photos I take around the office. I think the idea of Pinterest is to promote wanton consumerism by posting stock photos of products and linking to a store front. So this probably won’t go anywhere! But if you follow our boards, you will at least be able to enjoy small bits of commentary on photos of random gaming-related knick-knacks until they kick us off the service. So please have a look.

Also, our cover story this week involves Metal Gear‘s 25th anniversary. I always love writing about Metal Gear, and so does everyone else on staff, so be sure to check that out, too.

3 thoughts on “The socialist network

  1. You pretty much nailed Pinterest. I’ve sometimes referred to it as “Mrs. Tumblr”, but putting aside the gender politics it seems to orient around image and being fashionable. It seemed to have passed the bar for major brands like MLB to set up (and quickly abandon) pages on it. I’m not sure why, since Google+ was a flop but obviously came with a certain cachet automatically assumed.

    On the other hand, given the previous it probably would have some Fashionspite related uses.

  2. Yeah, for this sort of thing, I honestly have to wonder why *not* just put it on tumblr. I bet more of the interested audience already has accounts on there than on Pinterest.

    • Yeah, but Tumblr is something that exists in parallel to 1UP, where as Pinterest is something new and potentially valuable. Or maybe completely worthless. No harm in spending a little effort to determine which.

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