GameSpite Journal 11: Grandia III

The interior wiki pages of the site haven’t been working quite right since the move, hence the lack of new article postings over the past month. But now I’m back to let you know I can really… post… stuff? Yes. The kinks haven’t gone away entirely, but I can at least save and edit text! And now, I bring text to you that was written by one Andrew Bentley about the game Grandia III, which is super cool and sweet and stuff. Actually, it’s not, but Andrew (in keeping with the most recent book’s theme) went back and gave it a second chance to see if maybe its lack of cool sweetness was merely a perceptual issue rather than a genuine flaw. Turns out the answer was no! But good on him for trying.

3 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 11: Grandia III

  1. I still remember how disappointed I was with Grandia III’s overworld. I mean, when I heard there was an airplane that you could fly, I instantly thought that it was going to be a major mechanic in the game, and that there would be thrilling, action-packed flying missions.

    Instead it was just a glorified map menu. About the only thing interesting on it was the giant sky whale.

  2. Fair assessment! Although:

    >play Tales of the Abyss one more time to cleanse my palate
    This is a phrase I literally thought I would never hear!

    • It was a joke line, compare it to the similar line at the end of the article. :P

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