I’m in the wrong line of work

After the past couple of videos we’ve produced at 1UP, I’m wondering if maybe I’m better suited for writing stupid skits about video games than actually writing meaningful content about video games. (This was a collaborative script! But the first draft and final pass were my responsibility.) I also think our editors missed their calling as video game skit actors. Oh dear.

Kat Bailey, however, continues to perform superlatively as the go-to Pokémon expert in all walks of life.

12 thoughts on “I’m in the wrong line of work

  1. The High five moment with Mudkips was a legitimate LOL moment for me. Well done

  2. It was very funny. The way it was edited and shot makes it seem like you guys had a lot of fun doing it. When I can feel the enthusiasm behind the video, that’s what makes me think the video is good. Great job Jeremy.

  3. Loved the random stuff (Purple!)
    I hope you guys do a lot more of these.

    Also, cool to see Kat back with the (not so) old gang.

  4. I feel like Kat needed to emote a little more there. Her rants about how the 1Up staff is going to get eaten alive by the IGN staff seemed a little under-acted. I know she can emote and get serious about Pokemon. I’ve listened to Active Time Babble.

    • Watching it for a third time, I think that it’s mostly a sound quality issue, when Kat delivers lines that call for some softness in their delivery, the subtlety gets lost when the sound isn’t directed towards the camera.

  5. Obviously Team 1up has a lot to live up to if they’re going to meet the exacting standards of Mr. Jierovanni.

  6. I feel like you missed an opportunity to rework the “lamentation of their women” scene from Conan the Barbarian. Team 1UP, what is best in life?!

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