7 thoughts on “A curious exercise in contradiction

  1. Well, that’s… interesting. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t trust THAT chicken. :P

  2. Maybe it’s like… the chicken was freshly killed, but it was 70 chicken years old.

    • Or maybe it was really sassy and liked to behave inappropriately, back before they killed it (which was a few weeks ago).

    • That’s pretty much what it is – an older bird. Most of the chicken we eat is young, but as the chicken ages it develops more flavour, but the meat also becomes tougher. This would be ideal for making stew or soup.

      Though I think I prefer some of these other explanations.

      • I… probably should have known that. Especially since we raised chickens when I was younger. But we didn’t for slaughter, just to have ’em and for the eggs, so I’m at least somewhat excused. Maybe.

  3. If it was “Fresh Ol’ Chicken” it could be a fried chicken joint?

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