My Protestant guilt is kicking in about this site. It’s not my fault my webhost crapped the bed for a few days, but man, that outage really threw me off my stride. And Sunday morning I head down to Santa Monica for my first-ever E3 Judges Week. From what I understand, it’s a five-day procession of publishers showing all their big games for the year in private screenings. Cool, right? Except it seems we’re trapped live veal calves in hotel ballrooms for 14 hours a day and eventually go mad from sunlight deprivation and overexposure to aggressively vetted demo presentations. Anyway, by all accounts I will have little time to sleep or even stand occasionally to avoid deep-vein thrombosis (thanks, Nich, for introducing me to that particular life terror), so it’s a safe bet that not much will be happening here.

And the week after that, 1UP explodes into complete awesomeness. So that’ll probably keep me pretty busy.

I still love you, though.

5 thoughts on “(Glub)

  1. You’ve been teasing this 1up revitalization for a while now, so I’m pretty stoked to see what you’ve been hiding under your sleeve.

    • I’m pretty sure the site is going to be moving into the cooking photography realm, so they don’t compete with IGN anymore.

  2. At Petroglyph we’ve been working feverishly for the “judges build”, as we call it. It’s lot like living in Ivalice. I know PC RTS MMO games aren’t exactly your thing, but if you do happen to see End of Nations, note the particles: Someone else makes the art, but I programmed them. That was me!

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