Relax and float downstream

Pardon the brevity of posts for the next, I dunno, forever. I’m slowly trickling content over to a new web host, but I’m pretty sure the entire purpose of the Internet these days is to infuriate me with how utterly frustrating and inefficient it is.

I’ve heard complaints that the biggest flaw in the current season of Mad Men is that it’s a little too on-the-nose. I don’t think I actually felt that way until last night’s episode, which ended with a montage set to The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” — the entire season has revolved around the uncertainty of change in the late ’60s, and for Don to very pointedly bring that song to a screeching halt (because the music the kids listen to these days is too darn loud) seems not at all subtle. The bit about him staring down into an empty elevator shaft was a bit overt in its symbolism, too. Another good episode, though.