GameSpite Journal 10: Mega Man X3

Hey kids, we’re in the final stretch of GameSpite Journal 10, which means we’re in the final stretch of the Super NES library. That weird time of transition where developers were making some of the most astonishing, refined 16-bit games imaginable. That weird time of transition in which gamers didn’t care, because they wanted ugly-ass polygonal games that no one in the world wants to play a decade and a half later. Mega Man X3 ain’t the greatest game in the world, but I’d sure rather spend a few hours with it than with, say, Steel Harbinger. Screw you, false perception of progress.

3 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Mega Man X3

  1. I remember we nearly didn’t get this one… at least, until “demand” led Capcom USA to reconsider (and even then, only in limited quantities). Oh, if only that were the case today…

    I never did own this one… not on the Super NES, anyway. Marriage led to access to a PC version, but it wasn’t until Mega Man X Collection that I had a version for consoles. Back in the day, I was only able to rent it (but at least I got Mega Man 7, arguably the better deal).

    Still, replaying it on MMXC… man, they made this one tough. The worse part is the final boss and his tiny hit box, which reminds me of people complaining about pixel hunts in Metroid: Other M. I beat it back then, but not recently…

    Someday, though… and then maybe I can finally play Battle & Chase.

  2. Interesting that it’s described as one of the most difficult… I didn’t have that experience, personally.

    As a kid, I got both X and X3 when they were released, but I found X to be harder. I actually beat X3 before X, because I couldn’t get past that stupid Velguarder final boss in X.

    Even as a kid, I could tell that MMX was a much better game, though. With a much better soundtrack, I might add.

    Interestingly, MMX3 is now one of the most valuable cartridges on the SNES, right along with Super Mario RPG. I just saw some copies on eBay go for $75-$130, for the cartridge only.

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