GameSpite Journal 10: Star Fox 2

As our GameSpite Journal 10 posts reach the latter days of the Super NES, you’ll find an increasing number of games that were never released in the U.S…. or, in the case of Star Fox 2, never released anywhere.

In other news, I finally (finally!) got to play Fez, and it was quite good. Definitely check it out once it launches Friday. Friday! That’s tomorrow and change.

5 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Star Fox 2

  1. Anyone who enjoys the first Star Fox and hasn’t played the second really owes himself the pleasure. It’s very different but no less charming, and a fascinating look at where the series could have gone before it was reset with Star Fox 64. It also exhibits one of the finest SNES soundtracks ever composed.

    • Agreed. I would honestly love to see this on Virtual Console, as unlikely as that is to ever happen. But I would buy it on Day 1, for sure.

      Always thought it was funny that the series reset after one installment, too.

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