6 thoughts on “Seriously though

  1. I visited Rome for a week in 2010 and basically bought Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood so I could run around Rome and see what I recognized. It was a fun little journey to see what they got right and what was changed.

    That said, I hope you are eating gelato at least twice a day.

  2. Yeah. This sort of thing happened to me *all the time* when I last visited Europe shortly after playing an AC game, and I wasn’t even in Italy.

  3. If you pulled a wheelbarrow of hay up to that tall building on the right, would anyone understand?

  4. I’m always a little disappointed in myself when video games start to creep into real life in this way. Like the time I went to Disneyworld just after playing FFVII for the first time, where the pagodas at Epcot made me think of Wutai. Though come to think of it, that was in the 6th grade, so it was pretty cool.

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