Senatus populusque Romanus


I’m in Rome and it’s pretty neat. My brain keeps seeing familiar sites and freaking out because its set to parse them as Assassin’s Creed obstacles — that is, objects to be climbed and pilfered — but then my old Latin class memories kick in and suddenly Ezio fades away in favor of Mrs. Rice’s didactic lectures about the seven component layers of a Roman highway. Huzzah for a classical education.

11 thoughts on “Senatus populusque Romanus

  1. Given that I’m taking my last Classics course in my Classics major focusing on archaeology, this… is not a pleasant site.

    Assassin’s Creed, that’s what I need to think of when I see this stuff. Except you don’t really need to choose where to climb – you just hold R1 and X and run towards the wall.

  2. A more pressing question is why the guards haven’t come to harass you. Taking pictures of things is a really High Profile action, you might have to bribe a town crier later.

  3. I remember when my Mom told me about the time she went to Rome. It was during the 70’s and their were armed military types all around the city. Apparently there was a rash of kidnappings going on in the city then. Strange times, the 70’s.

  4. Say whatever else you will about the Romans of antiquity, but they built shit to last.

    I’m hoping you’ll have some stuff to share on whatever foodie blogs you erratically feed here. Steal good ideas. It’s the human way!

  5. Maybe your desire to climb that is really some future descendant of yours hooked up to an Animus trying to complete his objective and 100% Synch up with your memories?

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