Another time at another place

I don’t know if you remember last month when 1UP did a “deep dive” into Mass Effect 2, because maybe you’re like me and have the memory span of a goldfish because you’re old and senile. This month’s Revisited feature (yes, they’re a Thing) is The ’90s Revisited. We’re condensing the content into two days rather than scraping it across an entire week, and it’s broader ranging than the ME2 material (obviously; we’re covering a full decade rather than a single game). I think it’s a pretty nice not-quite-a-retrospective… but then, I have a lot of fond memories of gaming in the ’90s. More than I do of the ’80s, honestly, despite all the love I like to lavish on the NES. So much happened in that decade! It was the boss of decades. For gaming.

(I also miss having a president that right-wing pundits could express hatred of without resorting to coded racism, but that’s not really a video game matter.)

4 thoughts on “Another time at another place

  1. I for one welcome this new trend of 90’s love. So many good cartoons in that decade. The games were great, too. Shame about the music, though.

  2. The ’90s cast a strange feeling over me. Maybe it’s a result of growing older but so much from that decade feels like it’s actually from 30+ years ago.

    It just seems impossible that the SNES could have happened in the ’90s! And it seems impossible that the Jaguar could have happened at all.

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