GameSpite Journal 10: Tactics Ogre

Let us cling together in our mutual appreciation of Tactics Ogre, which is one of the best games on PSP and also was pretty danged good in its 16-bit incarnation, even if we never saw it in that form on this side of the Pacific. (We’ll just pretend that janky PlayStation port never happened.)

I’d gush a bit more, but I gotta go watch some Mad Men now, OK? OK.

13 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Tactics Ogre

  1. Matsuno makes the world a better, grittier place. It’s a shame that FFXII seemingly killed his interest in big budget console games, because I find that has games tend to have an incredibly unique look that would translate well to HD.

    That said, I have Tactics Ogre sitting in my not-yet-dead PSP right now. After War of the Lions almost ruined my fledgling college career, I’m scared to have a go at this one…

  2. I still have to play the PSP version. I will eventually. I’m letting it age like a fine wine… Or something. It’s probably going to be the last thing I play on my PSP before it gets put to bed and loses its will to spin up.

  3. I’d like PSP Tactics Ogre better if it actually liked me. Instead it’s a mess of menus, overpowered AI, and a bunch of useless characters because the only class worth anything is archer. I still say that any tactics game that requires you to use one super-powered class on the pain of loss is not a very good tactics game.

    According to the article it gets better later, even if I already beat the first chapter, but there are plenty of great tactics games out there that don’t punish you in the beginning. Why should I give TO another chance? I wanted to like it, but it sure as hell didn’t want to like me back.

    • Archer is certainly the best class (except for the occasions when your victory condition is “kill guy who only takes 2 damage from arrows”) but I’d say I’ve been successfully rocking a pretty diverse party (Knight, Warrior, Valkyrie, Berserker on the front line, Archer or two for support, plus a Wizard and Cleric).

      • Yeah, I’m not sure what she’s on about. Archers were the Cap’n Crunch in my team’s nutritionally balanced breakfast — the star, perhaps, but certainly not so much better than any other class that I ever wanted to field a party of them. My strategies were much more likely to revolve around sending Denam into the fray as a tank, drawing everyone’s fire away from mages and arches who would rain hell on everyone descending on the juicy target that was Denam.

      • Same here. It’s true that Archer is amazing but I took that to mean “this probably wouldn’t be that fun if I had 4 archers” so I just made 1 and called it good. I’m a huge supporter of the Terror Knight, personally.

  4. The enemies level scales to Denam, but only up to a certain point, as every review of TO fails to mention, ha. What a super fun game, and yeah, the PSP port was mucho good, even if leveling up chapter four unique characters was a real pain in the ass and they nerfed the best thing about the gunner class. Also, one of these days you’ll give Breaking Bad a shot and realize it’s the best television that’s been on in the last ten years. Yes, even better than the real housewives of wherever.

      • It’s better’n Mad Men, although maybe as a case study of an industry Mad Men is more interesting, it doesn’t have quite the same grab-ya as Breaking Bad. In fact, I’d go as far as to describe it as challenging television. Normally a horribly douchey thing to proclaim, but hey, there it is.

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