Made for stompin’

I picked up both the World 1-1 and World 8-4 Converse All-Stars last year, and now they’ve announced a new line, too. I don’t even like oxfords, but darned if these aren’t, uh, super. As in Super Mario. It’s a joke, you see. Ha, ha.

Is it possible to wear these with slacks and a button-down without looking like a complete tool? I’m guessing… no.

8 thoughts on “Made for stompin’

  1. It’s definitely possible to wear those with slacks and shirt, the David Tennent Dr Who kinda did. You just have to be awesome, so.. you’d be fine to.

  2. It’s not possible to wear those with anything and not look like a tool. Sorry, Jeremy, dems the breaks of video game related clothing.

  3. Bah, I say to the haters, bah. Your feet will be invincible. (Plus your day job kind of gives you an excuse.)

  4. With standards for preacriptive formal- and business- wear slipping more and more towards personal taste, and the newness of your industry, you might just come off as Quixotic or eccentric than a tool.

    Don’t quote me on that.

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