9 thoughts on “Something something F-O-E

  1. I had become so frustrated with the awful, awful design of my 3DS (particularly my inability to use the d-pad… really), especially when playing DS games (it was meant as a replacement for a DS Lite), that I sold it. I had stopped playing it, and I figured that was the time to get rid of it without losing too much money (also, I wanted the money).

    This will be the game to convince me to purchase a new one. Hopefully the inevitable redesign will be out by then.

  2. Whoa, this iteration of the series evidently has an Easy mode? May be time for another look.
    (Not to begrudge you native first-person dungeon hack masochists your preferred difficulty, of course.)

  3. So a 999 sequel and Etrian Odyssey 4 for 3DS. I’m importing a US 3DS. I hate region locking :(

  4. I discovered Atlus when they were promoting Etrian Odyssey II, which I thought sounded amazing. I immediatly bought the first one, spent the next three months playing through it, so when the second one came out I didn’t even want to think about touching it. Not until the third was announced for release in North America anyway… I still haven’t finished the second one actually, dropped it as soon as the third came out. What I most like is the steady improvements each game has over it’s predecessor, without changing the flavour (can’t think of the correct word) of the games.

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