GameSpite Journal 10: Sparkster

We really wrote a bunch of articles for GameSpite Journal 10; after three and a half months, we’ve still have about a third of the book to get up on the site. My goodness! Here is one tiny, interesting pebble toward building that mountain: A piece on Sparkster by the dude who helped make a sequel to it.

2 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Sparkster

  1. Nice piece Tomm, right on the proverbial possum nose. I agree that Sparkster was like the lone last Trefoil when compared to Rocket Knight Adventures’ bounty of Samoas (or Thin Mints if you’re one of “those” people), but I could never articulate why…

    Wait a minute: “Mascot Mayhem: starring Oat Turner!” What is this? This isn’t a thing… This could be a thing! This could be your ticket to real super-stardom (rather than Silent Hill 19 or whatever project you’re working on). Give me a call, we’ll make it happen.

  2. Rocket Knight Adventures was my favourite Megadrive game that wasn’t called Gunstar Heroes. I was so disappointed that the sequel was so mediocre and that the SNES got a better follow up. At least I got to experience it when I was older.

    I happen to prefer the boss rush style of Rocket Knight Adventures and how it managed to add something new to each section that kept it fresh, something I felt NSMB Wii did quite well. I also love bosses so it was like the developers made that game just for me! A lot of the variety was missing in the SNES and Megadrive sequels.

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