5 thoughts on “GameSpite Journal 10: Robotrek

  1. Man, I’ve been wanting to snatch this off ebay for a while …

    Seeing this here just reminds me I have no money. Pretty cool, though, that you covered all the cool Quintet SNES games in GSQ10! With Terranigma, Quintet bought themselves a place in my heart and I want to at least check out all their games.

  2. Doctor…. Akihabara. Now there’s a reference that would’ve sailed right over my head at the time. Kind of amazed it made it through localization intact.

  3. Robotrek was, perhaps, the first game that young me ever played and went, “This is stupid” before reaching the end. I remember getting all the way through it, being stuck on De Rose for like a week, and the final boss not making any sense.

    It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a great game. It has perhaps the worst localization I’d ever seen, the music was so grating that my mother forced me to figure out how to get headphones to work on our old TV, and the humor is so Japanese it makes me wince to this day. Still, it let me build super fighting robots to do all my dirty work, and a quick check of my library shows that’s my favorite playstyle to this day. Thanks, Slapstick! I mean, Robotrek!

    Also, haunted house lorded over by a guy named Belmont. Hah.

  4. I still look back fondly on this game (obviously). It took a lot of guts to stray away from the blue-haired dude with a sword formula that seemed to work just fine for many JRPG publishers well into the 32-Bit Era.

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