Another collection of gently used games journalism

Hey gang, guess what I’ve posted for sale? Yes, that’s right, the next GameSpite book. This time it’s Year Two, the exciting sequel to Year One, Vol. 1 and Year One, Vol. 2.

This volume comes in the now-standard four editions:


I apologize if the price seems steeper than you’re accustomed to; Blurb has once again increased its pricing structure. To offset the increased costs, I’ve published this in the larger format (6×9 rather than 5×8) since it’s vastly more economical that way — this size costs only a negligible amount more than the smaller format, but I can squeeze something like 50% more text onto each page (actually more like 75% more, since I used a narrower typeface this time). It won’t quite match the previous volumes, but you’ll get far more bang for your buck than you would otherwise. I hope you’re OK with that.

As with its predecessors, this is a collection of web-published content with some new material (in this case, an article about Mega Man in Dr. Wily’s Revenge that I penned just a few days ago). The content is the same across all four different editions, the only difference being strictly one of durability and presentation quality. I also think the cover is, if I may say so myself, pretty rad. And it carries on this series’ tradition of mushroom-themed covers, of course.

Anyway, there is one bright spot to all of Blurb’s pricing shenanigans: If you happen to buy $50 or more of books (from the GameSpite bookstore or any other!), you can use the code SAVE10 to shave ten bucks off the base price. I guess that’s a small comfort, but at least it’s something. These days, I’ll take what I can get.

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    • This means everything when you’re purchasing all the way from Australia and you insist on buying the hardcover colour copy :p

  1. I assume this is just gonna be one largw volume as opposed to be being split into two like Year One? Can’t wait to snag it up!

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