4 thoughts on “GSJ10: Return to Zebes

  1. Such a fun piece to read!

    With so many words already said about Super Metroid, it all comes down to the approach.

  2. “we suspect Michelangelo ripped out the last few pages when he ran out of Zig Zags”

    Is that a college-student-who-lost-his-papers-and-now-has-to-resort-to-his-strange-roommate’s-bible reference?

  3. Genetic condition… must have been the Captain N Simon Belmont variant. ;)

    Very interesting writeup, very different from the norm. I really enjoyed it, except the part where the sun melts Mega Man X into slag… What am I fighting for?!!!

  4. Too late to comment on the January 28th Swapnote piece, but (especially after the compliments your Notes received on the most recent NVC podcast) I just wanted to call dibs on getting added to Jeremy’s Friend list when Nintendo raises the cap from 100 to 1000. Not that I’ve heard they have this in mind, but come on, Nintendo! This has to be an easy thing to do in a System Update, no?

    I’m currently stuck at around a dozen Friends. Quality over quantity and all that – but my dream Friend list is all the 1Up and IGN writers that certainly have all maxed out their lists.

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