They can be taught

Satoru Iwata: “When it comes to the appeal of the Nintendo 3DS, the 3D images have been focused on. I believe, however, the actual users understand that its expanded communication methods like ‘StreetPass’ and ‘SpotPass’ that have a lot of potential.”

Interesting! I said the same thing a year ago. I don’t know why Nintendo doesn’t listen to me. I could save them a lot of trouble.

I really wish Swapnotes were viewable on the web. The world deserves to see my creations. As it is, I promised to add my cousin to my packed-full 3DS friend list, so some poor schlub is going to be culled. If you’re on my list and secretly hate that fact, now is the time to speak up!

6 thoughts on “They can be taught

  1. Noooooo!

    This reminds me that I need to hop back onto Swapnote and keep drawing. I’d like it to be a fun and useful tool for longer than a fortnight.

  2. First: Hats rock. I didn’t get to squeeze that in under the deadline.

    Second: Definitely agree. I’m glad they’re pulling back on the 3D focus, even going so far as to make a 2D Mario for it (though I fully expect it to use 3D in some way– pulling for Yoshi’s Island-styled stuff, personally).

    Swapnotes would be better with more people and online and stuff. Maybe with any luck, that will come with the Nintendo Network… maybe.

  3. Seems like a perfect candidate for twitter integration really. Any chance on Nintendo getting social media anytime soon?

  4. The real appeal of the 3DS is the fact that we get to play Nintendo games on it. Hearing about a new 2-D Mario got me excited.

    I merely tolerate the rest of the shortcomings of the system. It’s a pretty inferior piece of tech, really. The horrific online structure nullifies almost any potential for the cool little toy-like apps Nintendo throws at it.

    • Inferior tech doesn’t bother me, or else I might not have gotten on board with the Game Boy or NES. It’s what they do with it that matters, and the real issue seems to be what people are doing with the 3DS.

      Like 2D Mario. Boy, am I ever happy to hear about that. Some of the language being used around the release of Super Mario 3D Land had me worried they might try to pass that off as the same.

  5. A 100 friend limit in a device with half a gig of internal memory is ridiculous, anyway. It would be common sense for Nintendo to increase or remove the limit altogether, which means they will get around to it when they release the Wii M in 2017.

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