8 thoughts on “GSJ10: What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Ugh, I had a friend in school who used to share his Mega Drive with me. I still remember my disappointment when he shunned our regular Lethal Enforcers co-op in favor of taking it in turns to play Bubsy.

  2. Bubsy was a regular fixture of after-school TV over here. I’ll leave you to imagine how, but it certainly was amazing.

  3. Aside from having many different animations, I don’t remember much at all about Bubsy. It was just another samey boring platformer on systems where there was already plenty of competition in the samey boring platformer department.

    I do remember how its sequel desperately tried to sell you a NERF® Ballzooka® in its manual, though. Talk about whoring yourself out; my Internet quest is to find scans of it.

  4. The SNES version of the first Bubsy had a nice, hummable soundtrack, actually; I still have a gamerip of that. On the other hand, the sequel’s music was literally just vile 15-second chunks of music set on Shuffle.

    I remember that Ballzooka thing, too. But Nestle working its Aquapods into every loading screen of Dewy’s Adventure was probably worse.

  5. As bad as the first Bubsy is, its sequels are even worse. The Jaguar version is like someone made a kaizo hack of the first game.

  6. I remember the instruction booklet had a little comic in it. I thought that as neat when I was a kid.

    …I think I could usually make it to the train stage before wanting to kill everything.

  7. How can we talk Bubsy without mentioning the high speeds you can obtain. Higher than even Sonic if this is to be believed!


    “It’s getting these extreme speeds that keeps me at this game for so long, 3000 to 4000 hours.”

    • That makes me feel way better about all the time I spent playing this as a kid. Youtube guy there makes Super Metroid fans look like chumps.

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