11 thoughts on “GSJ10: Eat triangular death

  1. “Star Fox 2 was quietly taken out behind the woodshed and shot in the head”

    Now that is some imagery.

  2. Yoshi’s Island did use polygons, just sparingly. Take a look at the pause menu, for example; there were also a few rotating platforms later in the game that were polygon-based.

  3. I wish Nintendo would put these games on the Virtual Console already. While Star Fox 64 is great and all, the original Star Fox has its own charms, such as a killer soundtrack.

    Star Fox 2, meanwhile, was practically finished, and I miss playing Stunt Race FX, though I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake or sequel.

    • Not just the soundtrack. It didn’t bork things by giving charged shots homing ability.

      I wish a 60 fps remake were a thing, and not just a microgame.

  4. I know it’s illegal to talk on your phone while driving in California (along with smoking with kids under eighteen in the car what what WHAT) so I can only assume this is the last post you’ll make as a free man.

  5. I was shocked, coming off of playing Stunt Race FX in an inaccurate emulator, at how slow the game actually was. The framerate was atrocious, even for a Super FX game. It’s kind of sad, though, because I really liked the aesthetic of the game. Just a _little_ better on the framerate would have made the game an instant classic, I suspect.

    As for Yoshi’s Island, that was one of the games that I was sold on almost immediately. The game looked and played phenomenal. I got to play it at a Walmart kiosk, and right then and there, it was my brother’s and my goal to track the game down with our meager funds. Thankfully, someone dutifully traded it in at the local pawn shop a few months later. :)

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