‘Tis the season of retailers trying to make bank

Which is why I got not one but two Blurb emails announcing promo codes this morning. If you were considering getting a GameSpite book, now would probably be the best time; I imagine they’re going to be stingy with discounts in the new year.

The code CACTI is good for $10 off a purchase of $40 or more, while REDHAT is good for 25% off two or more books (max discount of $150, but uh please don’t spend $600 on books in a single go unless you just won the lottery). Both coupons expire 12/17, so they’re not leaving a lot of time for rumination.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season of retailers trying to make bank

  1. Shame the paperback of 10 is just under the minimum cost to qualify for any of these. Also- You know that big “Gamespite in Print” link at the top of your blog here and in the sidebar? That’s still saying #7 is the newest.

  2. Decisions, decisions.

    That was a nice Axelay article from the other day. I did enjoy that game personally. Grabbed it used several years after the fact. Was a little too expensive at the initial $65 asking price I encountered.

    If I only had access to the types of sales I do now…

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