GSJ10: Go go Goemon

When I think of this game, I want to eat sushi. Because, you see, there’s a sushi place in my neighborhood called Goemon, which is also the name of the hero of Legend of the Mystical Ninja (disregard that “Kid Yang” nonsense). Or “Goeman,” if the menu is to be believed. Catch the spirit, catch the fish.

Also, you should totally join 1UP’s Mario Kart 7 communities so that I do not feel lonely.

ALSO, I just received an email from Blurb indicating that the code NORUDOLPH is good for $9.99 off book purchases through 12/9. The email was maddeningly vague about how many books have to be purchased or whether the code works on books you didn’t make yourself, but I guess it’s worth a shot if you are interested in picking up a GameSpite book.

10 thoughts on “GSJ10: Go go Goemon

  1. This game is lot of fun, especially when you have a buddy to play with. The passwords are ridiculous though! Also, why hasn’t Nintendo put the N64 sequel on Virtual Console yet?

  2. Tried using the code, got the following message:

    Sorry, this promotion cannot be be applied to books you did not author.

    Oh well, thanks for the heads up anyways!

      • Now if only they would let all the actual authors of the GS books count as “authors” for coupon purposes… (logistically impossible, I’m sure)

  3. Was that a “Tom Sawyer” reference with “Catch the spirit, catch the fish”? If so, I don’t really get it… but I like it!

    • Geddy Lee sings that line (instead of “catch the spit”) in the Grace Under Pressure tour video/soundtrack. Sorry, I was being pointlessly obscure.

      • Haha, cheeky.

        Even though LotMN is the one that actually made it over, the first Goemon for the Famicom will always be the one that defines the series for me.

        Speaking of Mario Kart 7, I grabbed it today along with SM3DLand today as Toys R Us as part of their Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deal. It was either that or Cave Story 3D, but I figured that would drop in price. Think I made the right decision?

  4. Awesome game! I wanted Retronauts to tackle the Goemon games for so long. I’m still thinking of sending Mackey some letter art with Kid Ying and Doctor Yang, heh.

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