A buffet of hyperlinks

I believe the term for this is “hyperbuffet.”

I’ve been publishing a lot of stuff at 1UP lately! That whole “leading by example” thing or whatever, I guess. This is a list so extensive only bulleted formatting can save the day.

  • Super Mario World: Surprise! This is actually an article from GameSpite Journal 10. Shh, it’s a secret. I decided to post it on the Retronauts blog because, I dunno, I figured it was decent enough to bring to a bigger audience than this blog sees from day to day.
  • Fortune Street: A review hardly anyone will care about, which is a shame. This is a really good board game masquerading as a different medium! I’m going to force everyone to play it with me over Christmas break. Hopefully they won’t beat me up for doing so.
  • Rocket Slime 3DS: I may end up playing all the way through this game in Japanese, just like I did with the DS game. They’re very similar, but already I like the 3DS version better thanks to the open exploration on the ocean. It’s not exactly a vast world, but the ability to sail around in search of the next destination is very Dragon Quest-ish and does wonders to create an illusion of greater depth.
  • Chun-Li: We’ve dusted off another disused blog, this one focusing on game-related fan culture and merchandise. This toy features the biggest thighs ever to appear on an action figure. This Chun-Li belongs to the same family as the Cammy I blogged about at TGS, but is less likely to cause someone to think I’m a pervert. Incidentally, the Play Arts Kai scale puts this figure in perfect proportion to Kotobukiya’s Mega Man line. One corner of my desk now looks like a Marvel Vs. Capcom match.


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  1. Nice set of articles. Love the SMW story, really hope Rocket Slime 3DS makes it out in english, and always appreciate a good toy review (even if I don’t have the spare cash to be buying them right now…).

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