Rim-sky korsakov

Guys, Skyrim rawks.

Rawks like a balladeer. WOO.

My review — well, our review, because I decided to recruit my fellow Nguyen, Thierry, to be my A.I.-controlled companion for the Game Review quest line — is both online and thoroughly comprehensive, I think. Yet more or less spoiler-free! We bad, yo.

Sorry, I’m a little loopy. I woke up at 5 a.m. to broadcast a live stream of the game all morning long. Then I recorded a Skyrim-focused podcast in the afternoon. And I’ve just now published an amazing photo spread of what it’s like to sit at every possible opportunity in Skyrim’s chairs.

I feel like I should be sick of the game, but I’m not. I started a review session of Halo: CE Anniversary Edition last night but ended up handing it off to someone else when realized I’m not in the proper frame of mind for a fast-paced game. I love me some Halo, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I kept wanting to search the bodies of fallen Elites for gold and alchemy reagents.

Anyway, even if you’re like me and could never get into an Elder Scrolls game before, you should consider checking out Skyrim. It’s not perfect, but it’s preposterously addicting.

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  1. For whatever reason, I loved the Oblivion-engine Fallout games but I have never gotten into the Elder Scrolls stuff. I love making a character but something about the combat and overall ‘feel’ is wrong to me. Yet Skyrim looks amazing and I’ve been reading the right things to make me want to give it a try.

  2. These games are very addicting, which is a little inconvenient for me, because there things I find so frustrating about them at the same time. The primary offenders (at least from Oblivion) being the glitches, and combat feeling like an afterthought. In fact, I always turned the difficulty down on Oblivion just so I could more easily breeze through combat.

    In any case, I think I’ve learned my lesson, and will be avoiding Skyrim for now.

  3. Spoiler free save mentioning the last boss? It is a fantastic review — just put in a dang spoiler warning!

    • I apologize if you are sheltered enough from the conventions of pop fiction to be startled by the act of putting two and two together based on the most basic information about this game.

  4. Didn’t realize I was going to get a chance to try this so soon, but my brother picked up a copy. I may get a chance to play it… after Super Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword.

    Speaking of Skyward Sword, there are some _very_ obvious trolls in the review thread on 1UP now. It’s getting really, really annoying.

    • The commenters in that review and the recent Mario 3D Land have been more obnoxious than usual. Or CoD:MW3… or any of the major reviews, really. Kinda odd and sad to see the readership’s intelligence declining in contrast to the increasing quality of the staff writing.

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