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Blurb has informed me that the reason the color books are appearing in black and white is due to a display bug on their end, and that they will indeed print in full color. I have their word, so if it doesn’t turn out right you can demand a refund. Thus, I have set the color editions live and ordered my own copy. Here are your links:

GameSpite Journal 10 Color Hardcover ($60) | GameSpite Journal 10 Color Paperback ($38)

Again, I realize the hardcover is pretty expensive; that’s the nature of print-on-demand. But the larger format did bring the price down. If we’d put this much written and art content into the older, smaller print size, the book would have cost $80. Savings!

I’m at work right now, but once I’m at home tonight I’ll post some color previews of the book on the issue’s landing page so you can get a sense of what it actually looks like in its proper form.

Edit: Color page sample images are now available for your appraisal at the bottom of the book index page! The actual books will print slightly darker than they appear here (or maybe the same if you’re on a PC, since Windows’ gamut runs darker than OS X’s), and the text weight is slightly heavier; I promise that legibility is not an issue. Soak it up! Enjoy! I am super proud of this book.

14 thoughts on “Now with color

  1. I will definitely be picking up that color hardcover, though it’ll be another week and 1/2 before I get paid.

  2. Paperback color ordered! You guys deserve some cash for your hard work. I wish I could justify the hardcover, but… le sigh.

  3. holy crap, what a lineup. would have been cool to slip in shin megami tensei, but still, an essay on tetris attack, that’s what’s up!

  4. As of Monday afternoon neither the DONTDELAY and GLOBAL1 were working for me, but I just tried GLOBAL1 (around midnight PST) and it worked – I grabbed a copy of the color hardback of GSJ 10 or only $53 (that’s including shipping).

  5. I’m in the UK & none of those codes work on the b&w paperback version.

    However, GLOBAL1 worked on the color paperback, so I’ve ordered that version & the difference in price was about £8 which is pretty good I think.

    Really looking forward to receiving it & thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

  6. It appears that the GLOBAL1 discount code has a minimum price limit, rather than needing two books. It works on the color paperback, but not the B&W paperback. So, anybody getting either of the color options (or presumably the B&W hardcover) should be able to use it for 25% off.

  7. This is the edition I’ve been clamoring for. Clamoring, I say! Color hardcover is totally worth it for the SNES, both in the sense that the platform deserves such glory and that it’s a fair price to pay.

    A heartfelt thanks to Parish and crew.

    p.s. GLOBAL1 worked like a charm for me.

  8. Looks nice in colour! Grid and type is nice too. Also nice to see it evolving in terms of layout with each new book. (I like change) :)

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