An irritating evening

So, GameSpite Journal 10 is finished, and I’ve uploaded it, and it should be ready to go… but for some reason, Blurb’s increasingly unsatisfactory service isn’t showing me color previews of the color editions of the book. Until I can be certain that people who order the book in color will be getting what they’re paying for, I can’t put them up for sale. Hopefully their tech support will get back to be soon, but given my recent experiences with Blurb customer service I’m not optimistic about either their celerity or their competence.

Curiously, despite their growing awfulness, Blurb’s prices have risen by a few bucks over the past month or two. So assuming I ever get to offer the books, they’re going to be slightly more expensive that I’d wanted.

The one good thing about this? The book itself is gorgeous, the content is great, and it’s a really nice Super NES retrospective. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have better news — either the availability of the book, or some Blurb people’s heads on pikes. I’ll settle for either at the moment.

2 thoughts on “An irritating evening

  1. When I read articles on and don’t pay attention to the author it’s pretty easy to guess which ones you write because they will be filled with words like “celerity”. For that, you have my admiration.

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