BakeSpite: Eating well amidst the nerds

New York Comic-Con was a unique experience for me: It was the first convention of this sort where I actually managed to enjoy everything I ate. No miserable subsistence on dry shingles of pizza this year. New York is a city renowned for its great food options, but to see that reality manage to penetrate the impermeable walls of a convention was quite the pleasant surprise.

I actually found good food — and cheap! — at the back of the main exhibition hall in the form of a booth I read as “Koredog,” although my Google efforts reveal no such vendor by that name. So who knows? Anyway, Koredog-Or-Whatever was interesting enough that I overcame my aversion to tubes of mysterious pulped meat and ordered a hot dog for the first time in… maybe a decade? It was worth it.

Koredog-Or-Whatever is, basically, a chili dog. Instead of just slopping soupy ground beef over your weiner, though, they instead go all Korean on it and slather it with either spicy chicken or bulgogi (thin-sliced beef). In my opinion, the chicken was a lot better, as the beef was slightly dry and the sauce they used for it was a little too much like mesquite-smoked barbecue sauce to taste particularly, you know, Korean. Each dog also includes lettuce and pickles, though I dropped the latter because they were foul-looking America-style Western dill instead of kimchi or those little pickled sardines you get as appetizer dishes when you go out for Korean. Anyway, good stuff (it helped that the dog itself was way, way better than your standard Oscar-Meyer tube of tears), and surprisingly affordable at five bucks. If this place that may or may not be called Koredog really exists in the real world, I cheerfully encourage everyone to try it out.

I also took a couple of side excursion to Go Go Curry, which (being at 38th and 8th)  was a little less than a mile from the Javits Center and therefore an easy walk in pleasant weather. Also, in rainy weather. Some things are worth getting soaked for, you know?

This was definitely one of them. And yeah, I put cheese on my curry. Look, you’re already eating a plate of sugary starch slathered with fatty sauce topped by a fried piece of pig; you might as well go all-in and enjoy it.


Edit: Hey, I just realized: GameSpite has turned back into a real blog again, a place where I write about stuff I find interesting rather than just another spot where I write about video games. No wonder traffic has dropped by about a third!

9 thoughts on “BakeSpite: Eating well amidst the nerds

  1. Sorry, I’ve been really busy and haven’t had a chance to read the site. Me and the other two readers will have to step up our game.

  2. Turns out, people who have a talent for writing interesting and passionate articles about one thing (videogames, in this case) often are able to write interesting and passionate articles about other things, too.

    Also, hot dogs are in the same category as pizza in that they’re both food which I will always eat no matter how poor the quality or how gross the ingredients.

  3. “Each dog also includes lettuce and pickles, though I dropped the latter because they were foul-looking America-style Western dill ”

    You disgust me.

  4. Hooray for blogging no one reads!

    I moved close to White Plains a month ago and still haven’t found a hot dog place or guy. I didn’t expect to have to go to NYC to get a freakin’ hot dog.

  5. The RSS Feed helps me to keep up to date with the posts. Besides, you talk about Games, Sci-fi and Food, so, what’s not to love?

  6. My immediate text to a few different friends: “have you eaten yet today?”

    Thanks a lot Parish. Please go back to talking about games like, I dunno, your 4-year-late experience with CoD: MW or something… something that doesn’t make me want to spend money I don’t really have. Please.

    Jeez, that hot dog looks good.

  7. The cheese sounds a little odd to me, but hey, whatever you think tastes good. The tonkatsu does look lovely. I never get mine that dark. I may have to pre-brown my panko, since the pork itself is always done way before that stage of golden brown.

  8. I’m actually cooking Japanese curry right now (albeit with grilled chicken and not tonkatsu, and a box of Vermont (??) Curry mix), and yet I’m STILL salivating over the photo of Go Go Curry. A trip to NYC is not complete without a trip to Go Go Curry for me. I really need to learn how to cook tonkatsu; I have a bookmark in my browser for it and easy access to all the ingredients. I have no excuses really.

  9. Just rationalize it with the notion that your 1UP stewardship is drawing readers there and cannibalizing your own blog.

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