It’s time to get things started, kids

Please watch this trailer. And then punch anyone you’ve ever known who thinks this movie won’t be good. Punch them right in the bread basket. Have you never seen Dracula: The Musical? Jason Segal gets it, and this movie is going to be wonderful. I, for one, could do without all the negatively nattering nabobs.

13 thoughts on “It’s time to get things started, kids

  1. Yeah, it takes a very specific blend to make the Muppets work, and Segal seems to have it.

    It’s an incredibly delicate balance, of slapstick humor and knowing wink at the audience, mixed with with a real earnestness and good natured wit.

    Have you heard about A Tale of Sand? It’s a comic book format adaptation of a Henson and Jerry Juhl screenplay that they worked on for years in the late 60’s to early 70’s.

  2. Have you read the Muppet comics by Roger Landridge? I’m not really in a position to say whether or not they’re that faithful, but they’re good comics nonetheless.

  3. The only thing I’m worried about is if this can live up to my expectations. As far as the trailers and promotions go they’ve been spot on with the parody and physical comedy and plain ol’ feel-goodness.

    How can you watch that trailer and not feel that special kind of nostalgic warmth.

  4. You really don’t see enough Spiro Agnew references these days, especially in discussion of anything Muppets related.

  5. …okay, I wasn’t even feeling the usual dread from whenever Hollywood revives a childhood favorite (since anyone who would have suggested making the Muppets CG monstrosities probably got the boot early on), but this trailer convinced me.

    I mean, it’s so deliciously meta: having to convince a new audience they’re cool, comparing themselves to more “recent” properties (do kids these days even know about the Ninja Turtles?), and fighting to not get “updated” with new versions that are dated from the word go.

    It also helps that the Muppets are all about interacting with the real world, so the usual “let’s place them in New York!” angle is old hat to them.

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