Quick note

It looks like Blurb is having a sale on its books, and the coupon code DONTDELAY will net you 20% off any book they publish (such as, say, GameSpite books). This doesn’t seem to be limited to book creators like some of their sales are. The deal is good through the end of the month, and I’m not confident that GameSpite Journal 10 will be ready before November, so if you were considering pulling the trigger on any of these this might be a good chance to save some cash.

Incidentally, I think I mentioned that eBook versions of GameSpite are in the works, but it looks like Blurb’s initial eBook offerings will be limited to books created with their gawd-awful Java-based tool that I abandoned as soon as they opened the door for PDF-based workflow. That means the first collection and issues 1-3 will be eligible for conversion, but nothing newer… at least, not until they figure out the PDF/eBook thing, too. It’s kind of disappointing, yeah. If anyone knows of a similar service that offers more comprehensive eBook options, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Quick note

  1. You could always try self-publishing through Amazon or Barnes & Noble? I know B&N has PubIt! and I’m sure Amazon has a similar program.

  2. GSQ8 and GSJ9 bought! Year One and Two will have to wait till some other paycheck; I never regret buying products to come out of this place, but $80 is a bit too much to be paying at one time for a bunch of books.

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