I think life is trying to kill me

And that doesn’t even make sense. But man, theres on other way to explain the skull-smashing agony of the day I had today. It’s like everything was stored up until right before I take off for New York Comic-Con just to make me squirm. Jerky life, I tell you what.

I did manage to put the wraps on a video I’ve been meaning to put together for a few weeks, though. It’s dopey!

6 thoughts on “I think life is trying to kill me

  1. Any updates with regards to the on-sale date for that prettied-up SNES book you have us all drooling over?

  2. Man, that game looks so good.

    I liked the video, by the way. Reminded me of Retronauts Bonus Stage.

  3. Great video. I assume the narration was done after filming? Makes me want Ray to do a National Geographic nature documentary narration for Tokyo Jungle gameplay.

  4. So, you did intentionally cut off the video at the end right? Because I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Please say you did that on purpose. It made my day.

  5. Welcome to NYC, Jeremy!

    If you have time, and are feelin’ hungry, try to visit a couple places around Manhattan: Keste, for Neapolitan-style pizza and Ippudo, for fusion-y ramen that’s only above average, but pork buns that are to die for.

    I’ve got a bevy of Brooklyn suggestions, too, but I don’t imagine you’ll have the time amid the hustle and bustle of NYCC.

    Websites below:


  6. When I first saw that video of you jumping off the ship at the end, I was really worried this game’s perspective would make difficult jumps hard to do… like a horizontal Crash Bandicoot. I’m still a little worried about that, especially because I don’t like using the 3d, but I’m now much more excited for this game. Just looking like a lot of fun.

    On another note, what’s the point of NYCC? There never seems to be anything significant game-related coming out of these things. But what do i know…

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