GSJ9: There’s a pun going on somewhere here

Hey kids! Here’s a great piece on Air Zonk that also dissects the underlying philosophies of the early 1990s. It’s a powerful, probing piece. If you read it, your life will change forever. Or, at the very least, five minutes of your life will be spend doing something more interesting than whatever you were planning to do.

4 thoughts on “GSJ9: There’s a pun going on somewhere here

  1. When the 90s ended, where did all the ‘tude go? Has anyone who survived that decade ever been diagnosed with P’TSD? Can such a force simply dissipate?

    PS – This was the most entertaining article I have ever read on Gamespite. And I have read far, far too much Gamespite over the years. Well done, Mike.

    • I think enlisting in the space marines has seen all of the ‘tude stomped out of what was left of the 90’s in basic training.

      Now our attitude is provided to us by the likes of GTA protagonists and… well, the internet.

      • Bonk should make a comeback. He’s got no hair so is perfect for Unreal engine games. Stick him in a space marine suit and you’ve got Dino Crisis 4.

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