Reconstruction of the fables

A few people have called my attention to the fact that the “support site, get stuff” link in the sidebar wasn’t working. This was an unintentional side effect of my deleting the old blog system that the site used to run on, which I needed to do because there were a handful of open post comment fields randomly scattered about that were causing a few people to receive something like 50 spam messages per day. The old subscription info page happened to be on the old system, so it disappeared. But, because I’m obsessive about creating redundant backups, that page also happens to be duplicated in the new backend. So, anyone who is interested in helping to support the costs of Talking Time’s bandwidth can click on over and join Team Toasty. Or whatever. Man, that sounded dumb.

Speaking of subscriptions, the latest book has been going out a few at a time. Even though it’s been gruesomely delayed due to real-life changes, the next one is still on track to go out around the new year. Can you handle that much awesomeness in such a short amount of time? I hope you can. I don’t want to be held accountable for fatally blowing your mind.

One thought on “Reconstruction of the fables

  1. I’m kind of sad to see that go away! Whenever I was down, I would go to the old URL, just to see the happy smiling slimes in the header. They cheered me right up.

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