Palate cleanser

The Internet thought it would be a good idea to pass around links to a really horrible, Kirby-related thing today. Please let me take your mind off of that with something far more appealing: an exclusive look at a secret transformation from Kirby: Return to Dream Land.

Kalbi Kirby! He’s the meat that eats.

(Of course, in America, he’s the angry meat that eats.)

In other news, I sent GameSpite Journal 10 off for proofing last night, and I stuffed envelopes full of the latest bonus book over the weekend as well. Ah, productivity.

6 thoughts on “Palate cleanser

  1. Honestly I always kind of preferred angry Kirby over doe-eyed happy Kirby. Angry Kirby looks determined and has personal agency. Happy Kirby is just glassy-eyed and smiling as he devours innocent looking creatures, making them a part of him.

    Forever and ever.

    And ever.

    • Sears had a bit of a scandal involving their online store and why you shouldn’t let third-party sellers from the internet on your store without a very through vetting process.

  2. This is almost as scary as the real Kirby.

    Meat with a cute cartoon face is disturbing, but I feel a forever smiling pink puff of all consuming gelatinous flesh comes straight out of nightmare country.

    Kirby may in fact be a shoggoth dressing itself up to lull it’s enemies into a false sense of security.

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