Something wicked

I had my heart set on getting back into the swing of publishing GameSpite print material here after the TGS-induced photo-blog hiatus (which, admittedly, was a lot of fun), but then sometime in the middle of the afternoon yesterday I started writing a short blog to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Japanese debut of Castlevania on Famicom Disc System. Which goes down tomorrow. Or today, right now, if you’re on Japan time (like my body is).

Somewhere along the way, my quick blog musings became too long for a blog and were repurposed as a new op-ed piece. Then at the end I was at about 3700 words and decided, well, might as well add more spot art and make it a full feature. And here we go: A three-page Castlevania retrospective that, with no planning or anticipation, flew from my brain to the Internet by way of my fingertips. I’m happy with how it turned out, but I can’t tell if it’s good despite its improvisational nature or because of it. Maybe the latter. 1UP has probably lacked for mad passion projects lately.

What really surprised me about this is that I thought I was pretty well burnt out on Castlevania for the foreseeable future. But as soon as I started typing, all those warm fuzzes came flooding back, and my happy neurons began firing. It’s like finding a photo of your ex in your sock drawer and realizing you’re still in love. Well, that’s never actually happened to me. But I bet this is what it would feel like!

Listen, I know more about video games than interpersonal human relations. OK? That’s just how it is.

8 thoughts on “Something wicked

  1. Castlevania 64/Legacy of Darkness doesn’t get any love.:( I admit, the games are rough as hell, but there is something about them that I really grabs me. They had a certain disturbing feel them, with plot themes that went to places no other game in the series even dared.

    I would hope that Konami would put it, along with Bloodlines, on VC.

  2. I love this series. And I started with Circle of the Moon, so that’s saying something.

    Great article, too. And I hope Bloodlines come to VC too. Would love to play that without having to hook up my Genesis.

  3. Horrible thought: will there be ANY new Castlevania games out this year? Or will the 25th anniversary sail past, uncommemorated officially?

    (I suppose Metroid got ignored too. What an unjust world this is)

  4. You never know what you have until it is lost. Hope there is some love for Castlevania on the 3DS.

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