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I spent my nightly update time doing this instead of, you know, updating. Satoru Iwata must have thrown a heck of a lot of money at Yuji Horii to get Dragon Quest X cross-compatibility with Wii U. It may look a decade out of date on the visual front, but I am going to play this game so hard. I keep meaning to experiment with online RPGs, and I suppose it’s fitting that Dragon Quest will be the one to make me do it.

Anyway, please enjoy my janky live stream screencaps and my equally janky write-up based on watching a webcast in a foreign language while skimming a couple of forums to double-check my halfway-comprehended assumptions.

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  1. It’s odd that they went with such a bland and tired graphical styling considering the Wii U’s graphical capability.

  2. “but I am going to play this game so hard.”

    You sure you wanna risk it, when SQ’Enix can’t even get the kinks out of FF online yet? :)

      • Sometimes it’s better to forget… This coming from someone who played it for entirely too long.

      • You mean the same FFXI which was glitchy and initially cost way too much to set up, compared to Everquest, WoW, and PSO?

  3. I want to know where people are getting that because Square-Enix is making this game, that automatically means the same team that made FFXI/XIV.

  4. Dragon Quest X rehab approaches! What is thy command?

    This is certainly the next logical step for the series. If it is Wii/Wii U compatible, there will probably be a strong community to support the title throughout North America and Eurasia. I can see this becoming popular with the kids here in the States thanks to the amount of customization and the appealing characters.

    I am sure anyone concerned about DQX being an online RPG should just give it a try — IX was one of the best thanks to multiplayer support and all the perks it brought with it. I assume the fact that the game will be on a network will also solve the problem of meeting hard-to-find DQ fans in the US, as was the case with DQIX’s Tag Mode on the DS.

    I’m interested in trying out the new combat system, too. It makes me happy to see DQ brushing off some of its cobwebs in order to stay relevant 25 years after it got off to a rocky start in America.

  5. Sounds like the game is going to push the Wii in some interesting ways (online, USB storage support, 3DS connectivity). Funny how all these things Nintendo usually ignores can actually be done when a major 3rd party exclusive is on the line.

    As for the game itself, it seems like they have actual characters who can join your team again. At least I’m assuming the giant dragon-warrior lady from the trailer isn’t something you can design yourself. I wonder how they’re going to balance that with the return of Dragon Quest IX-style multiplayer questing.

  6. IX was awesome, but removing the personality from the party was a huge step back from VIII. This, on the other hand…we really don’t know what to expect. I was disappointed years ago when I heard it was a Wii exclusive, and was even more upset when I heard it was not traditional, but I said the same thing about IX as well.

    All I know is that if I have to pay a monthly fee, I’m out.

      • I don’t know about that. A lot of MMOGs are going free to play, so you might at least be able to play for free until you reach a certain level.

      • Like the 1UP article said, it might end up being something more like Monster Hunter or PSO, neither of which are consistent in their monthly fees (or lack thereof), especially in the west.

        As for personalities in your party, you’re sure to meet plenty of them. Unfortunately.

  7. I’m a little worried about Dragon Quest X, but if I end up with a Wii U i’ll end up with this game.

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