GSQ8: Aiyah, Brea

The Parasite Eve series has always put a lot of emphasis on monster boobies, but in the original game it was more literal about it: The monster above, Eve, showed a bit of cleavage from time to time and eventually mutated into a grotesque creature with many, many breasts. Its sequel, The 3rd Birthday, handled them in a more figurative sense, showing off the main character’s monster-sized assets whenever possible. Super classy!

Anyway, I wrote a “things were better back then” screed about the games for GameSpite Quarterly 8. For its online iteration, however, I have posted it on 1UP. Because I’m a jerk and felt like bombarding as many people as possible with my obnoxious opinions.

2 thoughts on “GSQ8: Aiyah, Brea

  1. I was in middle school when it came out, and as such, wasn’t yet allowed to play M-rated games (hey, how about that, not all parents will blindly buy GTA for their youngins. though at the time I certainly didn’t see it that way). So my only experience with this game is an unplayable preview on an OPM demo disc. It had cool music, looked scary, but mostly I wanted the game for its FFVIII preview. I’d definitely like to give it a try one of these days, though – I seem to be the only one who really likes the (static) detail of pre-rendered backgrounds.

    In those FF fanatical days, my search for anything FFVIII also led me to Brave Fencer Musashi, which ended up being a fantastic game in its own right.

  2. “You americans sure do get guns easily, gee whiz golly!” That makes me laugh to this day.

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