In the year 20XX

Did you know that up until a few years ago, Super Adventure Rockman was the only Mega Man game I’d never played? I’ve still never played it, and to judge by Mike Zeller’s piece on the game from GameSpite Quarterly 8 I’m not missing much. But I’ve also never played Mega Man X8, Mega Man Battle Network 6, Mega Man Star Force 2, or that Chinese-exclusive Mega Man strategy game. I did, however, play a few levels of Mega Man Universe before it was canned. On the whole, I probably would have enjoyed Super Adventure Rockman more.

Also, clicking randomly around 1UP, I found this old piece of trivia I submitted ages ago. The fact that only nine percent of respondents got it right suggests that pretty much everyone zoned out and stopped paying attention to the plot at the end of Metal Gear Solid 2. I know you’ll be able to Transfar the game to PSP when the HD Collection comes out, but folks, please do not play MGS2 while operating heavy machinery, OK? It’s just not safe.

6 thoughts on “In the year 20XX

  1. You never played MMX8? I thought you had written some positive things about it before, so I’d kind of assumed you had. Well, if you haven’t you should do so. If you can tolerate Man-O-War’s stage the rest of the game puts it firmly in the good half of the MMX series.

  2. I got the trivia right! And I haven’t played the game since just before MGS4 came out! Jeremy Parish made me feel slightly better about myself because I could remember an obscure combination of videogame words!

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