The final gift

I spotted this link on the forums, and it is kind of amazing: A Star Trek: The Next Generation fashion blog. Holy wow! I have come to terms with the fact that I will always be a Star Trek nerd no matter how hard I try to break free of that franchise’s baleful gravity, and thanks to the influence of my wife (!) I have become somewhat interested in fashion and style lately — though only men’s fashion, because the other side of the coin is both irrelevant to me as well as utterly and completely inscrutable. But yes, this pairing is uniquely fascinating and I love it.

I admit I am soundly disappointed that Fashion It So is focused entirely on The Next Generation, because they’re shortchanging us all the amazing ’60s outfits from the original series. Even more criminally, we’ll never see their thoughts on McCoy’s Disco Ahab look from The Motion Picture.


8 thoughts on “The final gift

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of TNG (and other Trek) chatter on the webs lately. The Netflix-effect is a powerful thing indeed.

  2. I was just about to say, thanks to Netflix I am finally watching the series in order instead of catching random episodes late night on cable. The clothing is really all over the place, from god awful to hilariously bad to cheesy good to good-good. I do have a special affection for Wesley’s gray-with-rainbow-stripes outfit, though.

  3. Strange, I was about to pop in The Motion Sickness for a viewing! Or Search For Spock (“Don’t call me tiny!”). Or perhaps, speaking of awful fashion, The Voyage Home.

  4. I just miss the McCoy beard. BTW I didn’t say this earlier, but Congratulations Jeremy , and I wish you both the best!

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