GSJ9: Daddy you do not do anymore

The second posting for this week (ripped straight from the headlines! Of GameSpite Journal 9, now for sale on an Internet near you) is a great, concise piece on BioShock 2. Unfortunately, please be warned that if you haven’t played BioShock 2 yet (the way that, for instance, I haven’t), Justin Hoeger’s little analysis here will make you so spoiled on the game’s plot that armies of flies will be drawn to your rank smell and cluster around your festering form in dense black clouds. I guess you could pretend it’s, like, a fly-summoning plasmid power or something, though.

3 thoughts on “GSJ9: Daddy you do not do anymore

  1. Not to spoil TOO much here but everybody I know complains about the choice with Gilbert. Come oooon.

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