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I polished off the last little details of the latest subscriber bonus book this morning, so it’s all ready to go out for printing. Unfortunately, it’ll be a few weeks before I can afford to have it printed, as this is my month of living dangerously. There’s a hilarious discrepancy in the way my old employers paid our salaries (essentially giving us our checks a day or two ahead of the end of the relevant pay period) and the way our new employers time it (disbursing them at the end of the following week), so in making the transition from one company to another I’m basically losing a week of pay until that (hopefully faraway) day when I hang up my hat and move along. On the other hand, I didn’t get laid off in the merger, so it’s hard to complain too much about different corporate bookkeeping philosophies.

Anyway, the point is that money is stupid and I hate the entire concept of it; and until all of that is sorted out, I don’t have enough cash on hand to afford the up-front costs of covering Comic-Con next week and paying the cost of printing and shipping bonus books. Sorry for the delay.

On the plus side, I can’t stop cracking up at the sheer stupidity of the book’s cover image. Every time I look at it, I laugh so hard I spray crumbs of the Saltines and bulk ramen I’m subsisting on this month all over my computer. In fact, it’s about time to chisel the screen clean again.

8 thoughts on “Stuffs and thingses

  1. It’s a game about the Twizzlers mouth that’s so popular that it needed two coin slots to hold all the coins even though it’s for only one player! What phenomenon did I miss out on?

  2. Money is stupid, but I still hope you got a decent raise with your promotion so you don’t have to eat like a college student too much more often.

  3. Eh, money isn’t so much stupid as it is necessary to facilitate trade. I certainly wouldn’t want to directly trade my nebulous skills in computer engineering for my next meal. I don’t anticipate that going very well.

    Of course, I also suspect you’re being somewhat facetious. Regardless, hopefully you’ll get a little more of the “stupid” stuff since you’re EIC now. :)

    • That… certainly wouldn’t be a good thing. It does seem like our leaders here in America are trying to run us off a cliff, though.

      • And if they succeed, the resulting society will still be capitalistic, or failing that, feudalistic, which is really the same thing.

        What I’m saying is that it’d be great if society could evolve beyond that model entirely. Post-scarcity, etc.

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