A reminder

I just want to let you all know that I think you’re the bee’s knees. Yes, you. And you. And you over there. Please remember that no matter what kind of crazy news or announcements you may hear in the next couple of days, you’re all still number one in my heart.

In other news, I’ve spent the past week mucking around in Floor 8 of Etrian Odyssey II rather than venturing forth to beat the boss of the fourth stratum. I don’t think I’ve ever procrastinated in a video game like this before. It’s kind of strange!

Edit: Uh, this doesn’t mean I’m going to die or anything, guys. No need to panic; all is well.

30 thoughts on “A reminder

  1. I hope that’s good news!

    Oddly enough, I started playing that game again today. Made it to 14F and got a quest where I have to go into the dungeon alone.

    Send help.

  2. I kind of figured Etrian Odyssey was all about procrastinating your way through the thing. At least that’s the way I tend to play them.

    • I actually plowed through the first game in two weeks… which, in all honesty, is *not* the best way to go. It’s like eating a package of Oreo’s every night for fourteen straight days… halfway through, you ask yourself, “Why are you doing this?”

  3. …why do I get the feeling that Sam Kennedy’s moving on and Parish is becoming EIC of 1UP?

    Ohhh, wait. These are MAGIC mushrooms. Well that explains it! As well as why my stroganoff tasted funny and why my wall has been replaced with the Mojave Desert.

  4. As long as we don’t get the “it’s not you, it’s me”-routine. I invented that routine!
    That’s a lie actually, but what isn’t a lie, is that I thought about picking up EO 2 or 3 on numerous occasions. But then I think back to the abuse of the first game and the prospect of going trough all that again is just too daunting. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Etrian Odyssey, but knowing that you’ll spend 100+ hours with a game, that will pummel you from start to end, is just more than I can bear.

    Quick question, how would you guys compare EO to Demon’s Souls (or Dark Souls for that matter) in terms of difficulty and pacing?

    • At least your save file doesn’t record your ‘progress time’, so you’ll never really know for sure if you spent 100 hours on it.

      Though I’m pretty sure I did.

      I would say Demon’s Souls and EO are pretty similar in some ways, though DS has a steeper learning curve that gets much easier later on. Where EO is always pretty simple but never gets easy.

  5. Thanks. I’m pretty fond of you, too, even though you haven’t mailed back my NES Advantage after a whole year. And even though I emailed you about it last week and you haven’t responded.

    Is that what the announcement will be? You’re holding it ransom?

  6. Obviously Parish has a secret Canadian Gamespite that he’s been visiting every time he claims to be on a business trip.

    He’s finally decided he loves them the most and will be living with them full time now. And mom’s friend *Dan* will be taking over here.

  7. Thanks. Not just for this, but for all that you’ve written both here and at 1up.

    I hope things are going well for you, and that your ominous language is in expectation of something good.

  8. Didn’t sound very ominous but to me, but rather that someone is going to be busier soon. Moving up the ranks, getting a new position, something with IGN, who knows. We’ll find out soon, I imagine.

    Anyways, thanks for being my favorite spot to read thoughtful analysis of this odd hobby of ours.

    • I think Jeremy recently switched his twitter profile link from gamespite.net to 1up.com

      Panic and speculate away!

  9. Jeremy, my cohort/employee, Peter, and I bumped into Stephen Totilo after Nintendo’s presser @ E3 this year. I told Peter, “There goes the second best games writer ever.”

    “Who’s the best?” he asked. “Me?”

    “No, fool,” I replied. “I already told you last week. Jeremy Parish. Get with it.”

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