Nintendo released Tennis for the 3DS Virtual Console today, and this fact makes me happy.

Now, I don’t like sports, and I especially don’t care for sports games. Tennis isn’t interesting, and a primitive black-and-white (or green-and-grey) simulation of the sport that barely rises above Game & Watch-level sophistication isn’t really the sort of thing to get anyone’s blood pumping.

No, what excites me about seeing games like Tennis is just the prospect of having a huge library of classic portable games on a single system that can be held in the palm of my hand. And unlike, say, emulation on PSP, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

Sometimes I am more enthusiastic about the idea of games than I am about the games themselves. I suppose this would be one of those cases.

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  1. Somehow I’ve managed to never feel guilty about playing 16-bit-and-earlier emulated games on my PSP. Well, the convenience of it all (i.e. save states, being the lousy cheater I am) outweighs whatever guilt may come.

    I’m surprised how uncynical sounding you are about this, given Nintendo’s inconsistent track record on the Wii’s VC.

  2. Now if they could get me some Virtual Boy Tennis I could really dig in for a nostalgia trip. In 3D no less!

  3. Pardon my ignorance but are there different price points for third party developers or consoles?

  4. Does it cost $6? Nintendo should feel guilty about THAT.

    The only way I’ll buy these ports is if they get an Excitebike-like 3-D treatment. I’d pay $6 for 3-D Yoshi’s Island with a proper 3DS aspect ratio.

    I know, value is subjective, but look at other pricing models: PSN gives you PSOne games for around $6 (more or less depending), which you can share with other people, redownload should something catastrophic happen, AND transfer them to the PSP!

  5. You shouldn’t feel guilty about emulation on PSP anyway-you can’t “steal” what doesn’t exist in a format. It’s not your fault they don’t want your money.

  6. The VC games have savestate option too, which coming from Nintendo impressed me. I do hope they eventually add the SGB colors onto Donkey Kong, though.

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